June 4, 2024 to May 2025

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The Directors of the TDC Performance Team are passionate about building up, inspiring, and educating young people to reach for and accomplish their dreams through their experiences in dance.

Our promise is to give our dancers the very best (and most fun) performance dance experience they’ll ever have!

Why Do We Offer Performance Team?

We offer Performance Team to take dancers to the next level in their confidence, discipline, collaboration skills, health, and overall dance technique development. While there are many reasons why we’ve chosen to offer a performance program, we can sum them all up within these three overarching objectives:

1. Training with the benefits of performance.

Because dancers participate in additional classes, rehearsals, and performances at an intensive level, our performance dancers are spending many hours honing their technique and skills. Even more importantly, they are also developing their artistry, establishing their commitment, growing their resilience, practicing their sportsmanship, and building their teamwork skills. Through these character qualities, they are forming lifelong habits and learning how to cultivate a forward-thinking, positive mindset.

2. Working on goals bigger than yourself.

As part of a group, each team member is learning to contribute to a larger purpose – to raise everyone’s potential. That purpose starts out with learning choreography together and then shifts into “practicing and polishing” mode, striving for excellence so that when the performance event arrives, everyone on the team is contributing their best effort. There is something truly special about the personal wins that come with dancing your heart out and supporting your team. 

3. Preparing to possibly pursue dance in the future.

The in-depth focus on dance that our performance team offers serves as a platform for our students to consider pursuing dance long-term. They might think about pursuing a professional performance career, studying dance in college, or exploring teaching or choreography. Dance-related careers may pique their interest too, such as photography, journalism, and physical therapy. Being immersed in dance at a young age not only inspires our students to think about the future, but it also shapes their curiosity about which educational direction might be right for them. 

We believe success is all about each child’s personal growth! If the performance commitment seems like a good fit for your dancer, we would love to provide them with that experience. We invite you to connect with us with any questions you have about the program!

Dance Team Performance Program - Dancing Dreams

☞ Join us for a full year progressive dance program starting June 4, 2024.

The D.R.E.A.M. Center is proudly a "boutique" business offering our students a private school environment. 

Our Dance Team Program has a maximum capacity of 16 students per class.

Once we have reached our team capacity, it is our goal to honor and serve our currently enrolled families, giving you and your child an exquisite experience at our school.

Enrollment for this program opens yearly in May and closes once the capacity of 16 students has been reached.

Dancers must have completed one full season at The D.R.E.A.M. Center in our purple or black program before joining the Dance Team Performance program. 


The D.R.E.A.M Center is an honest and transparent company.

That means NO hidden fees, NO surprise fees and the confidence and clarity you need before committing your child to our progressive dance program.

Before you register, we take the time to help you understand your financial commitment involved in being a part of our private dance school. 

Dance Team Tuition & Fees:

  • Annual $45 Registration Fee
  • Summer Dance Tuition $175
  • Summer Choreography Intensive $200
  • 10-month tuition $315 per month
  • Team Warm-ups & Bag $240
  • Team Costume Fee $265 (costume breakdown below)
    • Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Costume Fee $115
    • Lyrical Costume $75
    • Hip Hop Costume $75

Dance Performance Team

24-25 Dance Team


5 reasons to join our dance performance team:

  1. Opportunity to perform locally throughout the season.
  2. Includes all styles of dance in our complete+ program.
  3. Intermediate/Advanced level dance training.
  4. Your child will perform on-stage in both recitals. 
  5. Build confidence, discipline, & collaboration skills as part of a team. 

Annual Spring Recital

  • Recital Participation Fee $85
  • Recital Tickets $15-22 each




2024-2025 SEASON




JUNE 4 - JULY 16
6:30 - 8:00 
Dance Team


Dance Team
6:15 - 7:00

MON - FRI, JULY 29, 30, 31 & AUG 1, 2

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM  

Dance Team
6:30 - 8:00
Dance Team
7:00 - 7:45
Dance Team
7:45 - 8:30


Dress for success! Now that you have decided to dance with us, it is time to prepare your child for success in the classroom by purchasing appropriate dancewear.

Skaters need skates, swimmers need swimsuits, music lessons need an instrument, dancers need dancewear.

Dancewear is an integral part of every dancer’s life. While parents may wish to buy dancewear that allows some growing room and lesser quality materials for a more cost-effective purchase, this is not advisable.

Dance clothing is intended to be ‘fitted’, and have a three-way stretch as part of the functions.

Finally, studio uniforms are a way of adjustment and discipline, as well as representing the studio culture.

Everyone wearing the same clothing prepares students for a structured environment of formal behavior.

Dancewear discipline is required at The D.R.E.A.M. Center.

Dance Uniform Fees

  • Green Leotard $20-24
  • Black Skirt $17
  • Black Shorts $12
  • Tights $10
  • Ballet Shoes $20
  • Tap Shoes $27
  • Jazz Shoes $30